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Established in 1985, the Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce (MICC) represents over 50 local businesses, employing approximately 2,000 individuals. As a non-political and non-aligned non-governmental organization (NGO), the Chamber is the largest and most inclusive business network in the Marshall Islands, encompassing businesses of all sizes, industries, and island associations.

The objective of the Chamber is to advance, encourage, promote, and safeguard the commercial, professional, financial, and overall business and industrial interests of the RMI while also promoting the general welfare of the community. Additionally, the Chamber strives to promote the development of transportation and communication facilities and the utilization of various natural and human resources in the RMI.

The Chamber actively advocates for laws and regulations favorable to business interests and provides a platform for the business community to express their opinions on matters that affect their interests. Moreover, the Chamber places great importance on promoting and maintaining ethical business practices among its members and their employees.

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Through our collaborations with ILO, Jasmine Loeak-Myazoe has authored two documents for the Chamber of Commerce.


Jasmine serves as the ILO - Activity Coordinator at the Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce. She has authored two documents for the Chamber, and we have been disseminating them extensively to various organizations and relevant sectors.

Background Paper for MICC

Background briefing for members on policies for development of the economy of the Republic of Marshall Islands   The Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce is the Marshall Islands largest and most representative business network. Our membership comprises businesses large and small as well as a growing number of industry and island associations.

Updated RMI Policy Position Paper-Final 

The Marshall Islands Chamber of Commerce has been the voice of the private sector to the government on issues that affect the private sector for years. The purpose of this paper is to continue being that voice for the private sector. In the summer of 2020, the Cabinet endorsed the National Strategic Plan 2020-2030 ("NSP").


MICC articles of incorporation 2021


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